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Infinity Capital Management Corp
340-50th Avenue S.E, Calgary, Alberta T2G-2B1
Ph: 403.450.9604
Fax: 403.450.9603

Portfolio Strategies Corp
1850 14th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 3S9
Ph: 403.252.5222
Fax: 403.252.1220
Toll Free: 1.877.303.3233
Toll Free Fax: 1.877.595.5855

Mutual funds, limited partnerships, and other securities are sold through Portfolio Strategies Corporation, a Calgary-based investment firm. Portfolio Strategies Corporation has offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Ontario, with over $1 billion in assets under administration for over 30,000 clients. All other products are sold through Infinity Capital Management Corp. and are not subject to supervision by Portfolio Strategies Corporation.

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